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Description of poppers

What has convulsive chest pain got to do with the beautiful world of sex and erotics? Nothing - at least at a first glance. But when having a look at the medical treatment of angina pectoris (a very painful disease) you can see there is no difference between the traditional therapy - and the use of poppers. Because poppers are very much sighed-for compounds regarding the medical treatment of pain caused by angina pectoris - known worldwide. Basically you can achieve an abruptly vasodilatation by poppers so that they are even used in the section of curative medicine. Even more: Poppers even play a very important part regarding sexuality. So people find it extremely stimulating to inhale Poppers nasally just before or while having sex. Accordingly you can feel a very deep muscle relaxation accompanied by a simultaneously state of intoxication. As a result you can feel a very intense orgasm. And this is reason enough for making people wish to use poppers next time...

Given the fact of all these circumstances it is really not very surprising, that poppers are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Juridically nothing speaks against just possessing poppers; it is not chargeable at all in Germany and also in Austria and in Switzerland. On the other hand buying poppers offends against the German drug law. But nevertheless it is really not a big challenge to acquire poppers. It is even easy to order poppers online. Of course you can not find poppers sold under the designation "poppers", but they are used to be declared as detergents, scents etc. All in all it is very easy to buy them. Men and women of nearly every age know poppers or use them regularly. But very important is the fact, that the differences between prices regarding poppers usually are very big so that it is necessary to compare the suppliers. Additionally you have to check the quality of the poppers - just to be sure to avoid side effects.

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Ingredients of poppers

Most important ingredient of poppers is amyl nitrite. Additionally Cyclohexyl nitrite and isopropyl nitrite are contained. The combination of al these ingredients leads into the abrupt vasodilatation effect. Because of the very short-termed impact of amyl nitrite people often have a tendency to use even more poppers to improve the "medical" effect. And as time passed people determined a kind of jag. So poppers are categorized as so-called legal highs with a pain abating and eroticising effect. With a view to that pain abating impact of poppers they are preferentially used in the gay scene: Homosexuals use to prefer sexual practices like anal sex. But to inculate into a man's anus can be very painful, so it is necessary to extend and to mass the anus in a very soft and gentle way. Usually poppers can help to relaxate the anal sphincter to make it a lot easier for the partner to inculate.
Ultimately everyone shall have fun while making sex in this very special way! But nevertheless a small experience of pain can be very stimulating and eroticising by the way. Anyway - because of that special combination of pain alleviating and stimulating effects poppers are predestinated for the use in sexual practices of any kind. Considering how stimulating, eroticising and soothing poppers are and considering how easy it can be with poppers to get an "explosive" orgasm, there is no question, that they are becoming even more and more popular.

quoteSex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite
to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.quote

- Marquis de Sade


How to use poppers!

You do not have to use poppers like a "usual" pill: Poppers are liquids and you can order them in small bottles. Whenever you open a bottle, you can inhale the vapours. But be careful: Just fan out some of the poppers' vapours with your hand into your nose and breathe. After about three to ten seconds you can feel the effect. The impact's intensity depends upon the volume you inhaled, and additionally the physical constitution plays a big part. So it can definitely be possibly, that the effect lasts about two to ten minutes. The poppers' effect might only last a few seconds - but its effect really is very strong and intense. So that's why people sometimes call it "Poppers flash".

Most important effect about poppers is the vasodilating effect accompanied by the stimulating, soothing consequence. Besides there is a significant stimulation of the blood flow noticeable. Some people say poppers are addicting, if you consume them too often. Others say, you can catetorize them into the group of nonaddictive drugs. But it is a fact, that more and more consumers only want to have sex, when there is a sufficient prospect that they can use poppers.

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Poppers history

Once there was a man called Sir Lauder Brunton who got in touch with alkyl nitrites at first in the year 1859. He found out the faszinating effect of alkyl nitrites while trying to heal heart disease and angiopathies. Brunton even tried to give the poppers-therapy to people who suffered with a so called narrowness in the chest or in the thorax. And poppers went on to continue its triumph although the medical treatment of angina pectoris was the most important disease to heal at first. So it wasn't long before people recognized that an overdosage of poppers would help in many other special ways also to heal diseases...! So poppers were only available by prescription. But ever after the Americans cancelled the prescription for poppers suddenly. And in the so-called wild 1960's (until 1969) this "medicine" was easily to obtain nearly everywhere. The consequence: The polularity of poppers increased rapidly at that time - not only in the gay scene, but within the whole scope of erotism. So the statement, poppers are a "typical gay-drug" is simply not completely correct. Basically poppers are used in nearly every part of the world. In some countries people use poppers very often, in other countries they don't.

Nevertheless there are still questions left regarding the legality of poppers. But of course you still have the possibility to order poppers - with a different denomination. And you still do not erode the law or even subvert morality.


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